East Coast Fisheries

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March 22, 2012

East Coast Fisheries

East Coast Fisheries, Miami, FL

Built in 1926, this wholesale seafood operation and eatery was in business until 2000 and designated as a historic site because it is one of the few Mediterranean Revival style buildings constructed during the prosperous commercial fishing industry that once existed along the Miami River.

In the efforts to restore the property various structural renovations were needed.

East Coast Fisheries Building
Various scans were registered to produce a survey for the preservation of this landmark
The scanned pictured can them be superimposed  on the data to give a realistic view of the site.
Gather only the data needed to complete the project High density scans on areas where a high volume of points are needed Bright rectangle area measures a crack on the building
Ornaments cut out to acquire the data necessary to produce detail drawings of its shape Close ups show detail A high density scan is useful for many different applications

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